Friday, October 14, 2011

O Week- Owls

On the first day of school a few weeks ago, I made these super cute owl cookies for the kids who attend our church. Trip and I delivered them to each house just before school got out so that our friends would have a special snack to enjoy when they got home. Of course Trip sure enjoyed his cookie too. They are pretty simple to make and I will definitely make them again. Had I had more time during O week, I would have made some for sure. You can find the recipe here.

Instead, I made Trip a simple owl lunch with bread, olives, pineapple rings, and turkey pepperoni. He was quite fond of all of it and had to have more of everything except the bread.

When my sister-in-law did O week with her son, she made this super cute owl sandwich. If Trip liked to eat bread, I so would have copied it!

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  1. What amazingly cute cookies! I will have to save that recipe/idea for sure!