Thursday, October 13, 2011

O Week- Orange Fun

We have no shortage of the color orange around our house. Our favorite college football team is the Oregon State Beavers, whose colors are orange and black. Trip has been given lots of clothing and toys with those colors, so doing an orange scavenger hunt was not difficult. Trip wasn't so interested in the idea, so I mostly ended up pointing things out.

He did enjoyed some orange fun with a new batch of playdough, however. I saw this pin for pumpkin pie playdough on Pinterest and couldn't resist. It smells SO good! Of course, Trip had to taste it to see if it was a good as it smelled.

We got out all our orange cookie cutters and played for a while.

After that, we had a lunch of tomato soup and toast.

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  1. That pumpkin pie playdough looks awesome! And go Beavs! :D