Friday, October 28, 2011

H Week- A Hungry Hippo

I saw the idea for an egg carton hippo on Pinterest and figured that Trip would enjoy having one of his own.

I took an 18-count egg carton and glued some cardstock over the top to cover the holes.

Then, I let Trip have at it with blue finger paint. I was pleasantly surprised that he was eager to paint it.

As soon as I joined in with my own paintbrush to work on the sides, he wanted both brushes and did some two-handed painting.

Soon, there was paint all over his hands and painting turned to clapping.

After Trip was cleaned up, I painted the sides, then cut out some eyes from another egg carton. I finished the eyes with a black marker, glued them on, and our hippo was done.

Hippo could then eat a picture of Grandpa and Noni's house (on a postcard that Trip got in the mail this week),

some foam letters, horses, another hippo,

and my hand.

This activity was definitely a hit! Trip liked the hippo's mouth opening and eating things and had fun painting something other than regular paper.

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  1. That hippo is so cute! And so hungry for Hs :D

  2. This is ADORABLE !Love the craft! Love the H activity! I would LOVE for you to come link up at my linky party ~ TGIF here