Friday, October 7, 2011

M Week- Some Fun Food

We enjoyed some cute food during M week.

One morning, I made monkey pancakes, which were simply adorable. The idea I saw had two colors of pancakes, so I made the noses and ears, then added a little cocoa powder to the rest of the batter to make the faces. It made a great color, but as soon as Trip bit into the darker pancake, he didn't like the flavor of it. I'll have to figure out a different method if I make them again. It would probably require making a tastier chocolate batter as well as a regular batter. I used mini chocolate chips for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Trip was quite excited to dig in and didn't even want anything on the pancakes. He was delighted to see the chocolate chips and enjoyed each one!

(Notice that Monkey joined us for breakfast that day.)

A fun snack was apple and marshmallow mouths. A little peanut butter holds the "lips" and "teeth" together.

Some of Trip's friends were over the day we had these, and they enjoyed these mouths as much as he did.

Muffins had to be part of our M week food, so I made corn dog muffins. I used a box of Jiffy cornbread mix (although someday I'm going to make it from scratch!), prepared it according to the directions, and divided it equally in a greased twelve-muffin tin. Then, I put a piece of hot dog in each one. I baked them, and we had an easier and healthier version of a corn dog.

An M week activity for me that didn't really involve Trip (although he has enjoyed the end results) was making marmalade. We were given some oranges that were about to go bad, so I got to work zesting, peeling, and sectioning them, then made jam. It was a lot of work for not much marmalade, but it turned out great and we will certainly enjoy what we did get out of it.

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  1. Those are just about the cutest pancakes I have seen! And yeah, that does sound like a lot of work for a little marmalade, but it's just such good stuff!