Wednesday, October 5, 2011

M Week- Magnet Monsters

An activity I have seen many places recently is to put pieces of pipe cleaners in a plastic bottle and use a magnet on the outside to manipulate them. I thought Trip might enjoy making these "magnet monsters," so I gathered up some materials. I chose to add some other household items to the pipe cleaners.

In the shop, I found a variety of nails, screws, and wire.

I collected paperclips, bobby pins, safety pins, and straight pins from the house. 

Then, I cut up some colorful pipe cleaners.

I tossed them all together in a clean plastic bottle and glued the lid closed.

So far, Trip has not been super interested in using the magnet to make "monsters," but I think he will like it in the future. Some young friends who came over the other day enjoyed it, though.

It's fun to see how long of a string of little metal objects you can make. We have managed to make some pretty impressive ones! 

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  1. How fun! Sounds like something even an adult (me!) would like to play with!