Tuesday, October 11, 2011

O Week- Oil and Water

Oil and water in a bottle is a classic science experiment and one that Trip actually enjoyed. I took the label off of a plastic water bottle, then poured some water in it. I added orange food coloring to keep with the O theme, but the water can be any color. Next, I poured in some oil (I had canola oil on hand but any will work).

Trip enjoyed shaking up the liquids, then we would watch them separate.

It's amazing how in just a few seconds, you can already see the oil rising to the surface.

A few minutes later, the water and oil are separate again.

If you're careful, you can even put the bottle on its side and the oil will stay on top the whole time.

In the future, I would like to try this homemade lava lamp experiment with Trip. We should also do these oil and water fireworks.

Trip enjoyed watching his oil and water bottle while he got a special snack of an Oreo. I love it that one little cookie can make this boy's day!

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  1. I can relate - I love to watch oil and water separate too! The lava lamp experiment sounds fun too!