Monday, October 10, 2011

O Week- Orange Prints and a Cheerio O

I wasn't too sure how Trip would like doing orange prints since he really just wanted to paint with his fingers and paintbrush when we did potato prints during P week. I made a few prints to show him the idea, and then I was pleasantly surprised that he made some of his own.

Next, he used the paintbrush to paint the orange.

Those little fingers had to get in the paint too.


After a few minutes, he realized what fun it was to poke the orange with the paintbrush.

Then, it was all over and the silliness was in full swing.

Soon thereafter we were done before we had orange juice and paint all over the dining room.

Later, we used the orange print paper to make our letter to hang in Trip's room. We glued on some Cheerios in the shape of an O and it was ready.

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  1. Those orange prints look really pretty (and like fun to make, too!). I'm half tempted to try some myself!