Monday, October 3, 2011

M Week- The List

Writing my list for M week was actually harder than I though. There are fewer words that start with the letter M than I expected. 

We started Trip off with a monkey room when he was born, so he has lots of stuffed moneys and things with monkeys on them. He has chosen one of those monkeys as his favorite and it has to be with him when he goes to sleep. Lately, he has also been having Monkey join in on our letter of the week fun. It's cute to watch him include Monkey!

Our M activities this week include:
  • a super fun sensory tub
  • magnet monsters
  • mixing colors
  • some fun food
  • a monster M


  1. How cute that he's including Monkey! I'm looking forward to the magnet monsters!

  2. Mom suggested you should draw a Mustache on Trip ;)