Thursday, September 1, 2011

R Week- Reading at the Library

With reading on the list for our letter of the week activities, I decided it was time to take Trip on his first visit to the library. We went in the late morning and found the tiny children's section deserted, which made me very happy. He was quite excited to be there and didn't want to keep his voice down.

We sat down at the little table and looked through some board books. This one with babies showing different expressions was his favorite. We read it several times.

Trip was briefly interested in the puzzle, but then found a spaceship and dump truck on a shelf with a few other toys, making him quickly loose sight of everything else.

Before we left, he spotted "Llama Llama Red Pajama" displayed with the new books. This is a favorite of his at home so it was fun for him to see it at the library. We immediately had to get it down and read it.

Our visit only lasted about fifteen or twenty minutes, but it was a great start. Trip has mentioned the library once since then, so we'll have to go back soon.

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  1. What a fun first time to a library! Glad he likes books ;)