Saturday, September 17, 2011

P Week- Postcards and Packages

As a special treat for P week, I asked a few family members to send Trip a postcard. He was so thrilled to go to the mailbox and find something just for him! He got two postcards from Grandpa Noni in Oregon with P things from their house, a pelican from Gram and PawPaw in Florida, and a pretty picture from Missouri from Uncle G, Aunt T, and Cooper.

Trip's cousin Cooper is doing a letter of the week too, and they just happened to be doing P the same week as us, so we had a great time exchanging packages for the boys.

Trip got a package with pictures, a plate with pumpkins on it,

colored pencils, and paints.

The pencils had to be dumped on the floor right away,

and then tried on the plate, the packaging paper,

and the pictures.

Then, we had to try out the paints, of course. Thanks, Aunt T for the great package. Trip was thrilled to get it and has been enjoying everything you sent!

I had lots of fun putting together Cooper's package. We sent a placemat, magnetic pompoms, paint with water pages, pictures, pool and farm I spy, pictures, a pumpkin book, a tiny puzzle, a pencil, a pen, and some foam letters.


  1. We had a wonderful time with our package too!! Thanks for everything!

  2. Very nice postcards, that's a sweet idea!