Wednesday, September 28, 2011

B Week- Homemade Bread

Although I don't make bread very often, I enjoy doing it and thought that Trip might like to play with some dough. I tried a new recipe that I found on called Honey Wheat Bread. I was quite pleased with it. It has a mix of whole wheat and white flours and a nice honey flavor.

Trip wasn't too sure what to do with the dough at first. I prompted him to play with it like playdough.

He mostly poked at it,

and then started licking it!

Once he realized that it tasted good, he pinched off little pieces and ate them.

Meanwhile, I formed these super cute bears. I have great memories of my mom making loaves of bread in the shape of a bear. I considered doing that, but figured that Trip would enjoy little bears. He has a funny relationship with bread: he asks for it often, but doesn't really eat much of what we give him. He ate part of a couple of bears, so the rest of us enjoyed them!

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