Thursday, September 15, 2011

P Week- Pasta-covered P

This week Trip was actually excited to participate in decorating the letter for his bedroom door. I got out several kinds of pasta (including our rainbow salad macaroni from R week) and some glue. I applied the glue to a section of the P and he got right to work adding the pasta.

For the next section, he wanted to help with the glue. Fortunately he wasn't able to get too much out, so we didn't end up with a huge puddle.

After applying some more pasta, Trip decided it was time to taste some (much to my dismay).

Before the mess got out of control and too much uncooked pasta was ingested, I said we were done. That didn't make Trip too happy, but I was able to distract him with something else, and quickly whisked away his artwork to dry in a safe spot. I drizzled some more glue over the whole thing to help insure that the pasta would stay put on the paper. 

That worked nicely, and a couple of hours later, our P was ready to join the other letters on Trip's door. It's fun to see his name completed. He loves to touch the pasta when we're coming in and out of his room and usually asks me to cook it.

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  1. Love the completed name! It's cute he asks you to cook it ;) I like eating raw pasta too, guess some things you just don't grow out of!