Monday, September 12, 2011

P Week- Parade!

I wish I could say that I planned it this way, but it just so happened that our town's Labor Day parade fell at the beginning of P week. How perfect! It's always fun to have something memorable and out of the ordinary to help cement the learning our little ones are doing.

We arrived just before 10 am when the parade was supposed to start, but must have been far enough down the route (which couldn't be that long in our tiny town) that it took about 45 minutes of waiting before the parade actually reached us. That meant there was lots of distracting that needed to be done to keep our tired boy busy.

We looked at pictures on Mommy's phone,

played on the sidewalk,

and chatted with friends.

One of Trip's friends gave him a paper bag to collect candy. He decided that it would make a good hat.

The parade finally arrived and one of Trip's favorite friends was walking next to the police car so he had lots of fun waving at her.

We saw the pretty rodeo queen on her pretty horse,

the rodeo princesses,

some pickup trucks,

a purple car,

a pink ATV,

and much more!

Thank you to Auntie Rachel for taking the pictures for us so that we could watch out for Trip!

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