Thursday, September 29, 2011

B Week- Simple Beanbags

On my long mental list of craft projects is a set of alphabet beanbags for Trip. Since I was not going to get that accomplished by B week, I decided just to make a few super simple ones out of felt. I cut two squares of felt for each beanbag and just hand-sewed them together with red thread. I could have sewn them on the sewing machine, but hand-sewing allowed me to work whenever and wherever I had a spare minute. They came together so quickly that it only took a few short work sessions.

I had envisioned Trip tossing these colorful beanbags into buckets, baskets, and boxes and having a fantastic time doing so. The reality is that he didn't really care about them. I tried to get him to do some tossing, but to no avail. What he did enjoy was when I started throwing them at him. We had a little beanbag war, which he loved. I'm sure he will like them sometime and we will have fun playing games with them in the future.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute! So many possibilities for how to embellish and play with them too!