Thursday, September 8, 2011

I Week- Make Your Own I Spy

 I have had the idea to create my own I Spy-type photos for years now, but only made it happen just a few weeks ago. I thought that Trip would enjoy seeing his own toys displayed and identifying them. So far I have successfully created two scenes:


and Farm

I also attempted a sports scene, but the lighting wasn't right and the pictures didn't turn out well, so I need to try that one again. It's best to create these pictures where there is lots of natural light but not direct bright sunlight. It helps to take a picture or two and then look at it/them on the computer so that you can see if the light is right and if anything needs to be moved around. I had so much fun collecting toys during nap time and arranging them. I would suggest working on this when little ones are not around! I could only imagine Trip's frustration at me taking his toys and then trying to keep him from moving my carefully placed objects. In a few years, it might be fun to have him create an I Spy scene of his own, but we're not there yet.

I had these printed as 4"x6" photos, then placed them back-to-back and laminated them. This small version is to keep in my purse or the diaper bag. Next time I come upon a great deal for 8"x10" prints, I will make these (or others if I get more done) into a placemat for our table at home or to take with us to restaurants. Trip is just starting to take an interest in this type of activity, so I project that it's something that will last a while and I'm hoping that it can be a good distraction when we're out and about.

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  1. Those turned out really well! Looks like it will be a fun away-from-home activity!