Monday, September 19, 2011

F Week- The List

F week was lots of fun. I chose F as our letter last week because it was the beginning of the NFL football season as well as the first games for our town's high school and middle school, so we have been a little football crazy around here. From now through January, our living room will be full of kids and adults enjoying football games each Sunday afternoon and Monday night. Trip loves to watch football and try to play it, so focusing on the letter F seemed appropriate. 

This week, look for these fantastically fabulous activities:
  • our new friend, Fish
  • flubber
  • homemade fish crackers
  • F-themed hide and seek bowl
  • football team matching cards and homemade football book
  • funny face magnets
  • colored fizz and bath fizz
  • growing foam farm animals
You can see my brainstorming list here.

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