Wednesday, September 21, 2011

F Week- Homemade Fish (or Any Shape) Crackers

So, Pinterest has become my new source of inspiration and a great way to organize and remember all the projects I want to do with Trip (and plenty of other non-letter-of-the-week-related crafts and recipes). When I saw a pin for homemade whole wheat goldfish, I knew I had to make them. 

All of the ingredients just go in the food processor,

 and a few minutes later, you can roll out the dough and get to cutting.  I had intended to hand-cut lots of fish and footballs, but that was way more tedious than I had expected. I ended up making a few of those, but mostly made flowers, Fs, and faces since I had cookie cutters for those shapes.

After a little baking time, you have some wonderfully crisp and cheesy crackers.

They were so delicious that Trip, Daddy, and I devoured almost all of them that afternoon. Trip made quick work of the last ones the next day. They were truly wonderful and will be included in our letter of the week activities again soon.


  1. I can't wait to make these!! Sounds great!

  2. Those sound and look so good! Seems like a good project for little helpers :)