Saturday, September 24, 2011

F Week- Growing Foam Farm Animals

I found a set of foam farm animals in capsules a few weeks ago and was excited to try them with Trip. I had enjoyed watching those capsules dissolve and cool shapes appear when I was a child, so I hoped Trip would too. I was slightly apprehensive, though because Trip received a baseball, a football, and a basketball for his birthday that turn into washcloths when you put them in water. We thought he would love it, but he was just mad that they weren't balls anymore and kept wanting us to "fix" them. 

Fortunately, the capsules were a hit (probably because they weren't ball-shaped)! Trip loved putting them in the water, feeling how slimy they got, and then seeing the animal that appeared.

What will it be?

Sharing a bite of apple with the blue duck that unfolded.

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  1. I remember how much I loved those - in fact, they're still pretty fun!