Thursday, September 22, 2011

F Week- Funny Face Magnets

I wanted to make some sort of magnets for Trip that have different parts of a face and can be put together in various ways. I saw this pin on Pinterest with Mr. Potato Head that had some fun options so I printed out the page on cardstock and got to work. Trip hasn't yet discovered the wonders of Mr. Potato Head, but the eyes and noses reminded me of some of the characters on Sesame Street, so I figured he would like them. I colored each piece, then cut them out and laminated them with clear contact paper. After another round of cutting, I glued small pieces of magnet to the back of each one.

The faces did indeed remind Trip of Elmo and Super Grover in particular.

He wasn't so fond of putting the faces together, though.

 I think he needs a little more time, so for now, this activity is neatly tucked away for us to try again later.

In the future, this could be another fun activity to do in the car, in a waiting room, during a meeting, or some other quiet time. The same type of magnets can be made with face parts clipped from old magazines, with a child's own artwork, or with a parents' drawings.

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  1. Good idea! Connor and Kiernan have been playing with a Mr Potato Head, and have a blast with it.