Monday, April 16, 2012

S Week

With all our our craziness lately, S week got stretched out over a couple of weeks, with activities here and there whenever we had a chance to fit them in.

Since so many fun words start with S, Trip has enjoyed several special lunches, including a sandcastle,

six snails,

and a spaceship among the stars.

We did a simple spring stained glass craft.

Sports were of course a big part of S week. We played many different ones, both inside and outside. Trip also got a envelope from Noni filled with sports pictures that she had cut out of the newspaper. That was a big hit!

Thanks to Bapa and Granny, Trip now has a superhero cape and mask. He had lots of fun playing superhero, having me fly him around the house, and coming "to the rescue."

Trip also enjoyed playing a game he invented the last time Noni was here, which is coloring numbers in Mommy's sudoku book. He especially likes this game when one of us pretends to be upset that he colored the numbers.

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  1. I LOVE the superhero picture! I'm so glad you have such a brave and strong hero to come to your rescue :)