Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Resurrection Rolls

One evening with some other friends over, we made resurrection rolls. I found the idea here from the Happy Home Fairy (a great site!) and couldn't wait to try it. It was a good thing that we did this with some older kids because Trip wasn't too into it. His friends, on the other hand, had an amazing time and their mom told me that she had to hear the story from each of the three kids when they got home.

All you need are marshmallows, Crescent rolls, melted butter, and cinnamon sugar.

The pure white marshmallow represents Jesus. Roll the marshmallow in the butter, which can either represent Jesus taking our sins upon himself when He died on the cross, or the water that was used to wash Jesus' body during the burial process.

Then roll the marshmallow in the cinnamon sugar, reminding us of the herbs and spices that were used to anoint Jesus' body. This can also represent that Jesus' death was a sweet-smelling sacrifice to God.

 The crescent roll dough represents the linen strips that were used to wrap Jesus' body.

Make sure that you seal the dough tightly around the marshmallow, pinching all of the edges together, then place them on a baking sheet. Put them in the tomb/oven and bake according to the package directions.

Once the rolls are baked, let them cool for a few minutes and have the children think about what surprise awaits them when they get to eat their treat.

They were super surprised to open their rolls and were amazed to discover that they were empty. Jesus has risen and all that was left in the tomb were the linens!

Although Trip didn't care to help us make the rolls, he sure did enjoy eating one and still talks about how Jesus was gone.

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  1. What a fun activity! And a tasty treat afterwards too :)