Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Recap

Easter was extra special this year since Trip was actually excited about it and understood more about what we were doing and celebrating. As pastors of a small church, though, Easter is also a crazy time.

We decided to remodel the foyer of our church the week before Easter, which was a crazy but worthwhile endeavor. With the help of many people, we sanded and re-stained the wainscoting, painted the walls (half of them twice because our paint had not been mixed properly at the store and was darker at the bottom of the can), and built a coffee bar/information table. The transformation was really spectacular and it's very refreshing to walk into a warm contemporary space rather than a very outdated one.

Another group of volunteers helped us stuff a thousand plastic eggs with candy and put on our second annual Easter egg hunt for the kids in our community. We had a great turnout and will probably have to double the number of eggs we do next year. Last year, Trip didn't care about finding eggs, but this year, he was much more interested.

He was also very determined to get to the picnic tables and see what was in those eggs.

With so many projects going on, I was thankful that we had done some fun Easter activities before things got crazy. Trip did enjoy a couple of Easter egg baths. One with just some plastic eggs

and the other with some glowing eggs. With a little work, a glow bracelet will fit inside a medium/large plastic egg and makes for a fun bath toy or nighttime egg hunt.

Trip also enjoyed lots of surprises from our extended family, including a large egg filled with goodies that his Aunt T sent him in the mail.

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  1. That glowing Easter Egg bath looks like it was awesome! I would never have thought of slipping glowsticks in eggs, very fun!