Friday, February 24, 2012

X Week- Xs and Os Art Project

I've had this general project in mind for a while but it finally took shape during X week.

I placed some stickers on watercolor paper,

then got some liquid watercolors ready. This project could be done with any type of paint, but I like the look of watercolors. I also got some salt out because Trip loves to pour it and salt on watercolors gives the paint a cool look. I was planning to use a coarser salt, but Trip wanted the popcorn salt.

After carefully inspecting the paint,

Trip got to work.

Once he had some paint on the paper, he got to pour some salt on it.

We let our project dry for a while.

Once I carefully peeled off the letters, we were left with a nice painting, done all by Trip.

This project could be done with any letter and could also be fun with any shape of sticker.


  1. We love doing this in our house. It never gets old!

  2. That turned out really beautiful! What a good idea!

  3. This is too cute and turned out really well! Great art work for keeping.