Thursday, February 16, 2012

N Week- Edible Necklaces

Growing up, my mom would occasionally let us make edible necklaces using long strings of candy and cereal. My sister and I loved it. With those fond memories in mind, I thought Trip might enjoy making a necklace too.

With only one grocery store in our tiny town, my candy assortment was quite limited. I bought a package of Twizzlers (the "Pull 'n' Peel" kind), which was okay. It wasn't the delicious strawberry laces we had growing up in Europe, but it worked. I peeled off a couple of stands and stuck the ends together to make a longer sting. We then started stinging Cheerios. Many of the Cheerios didn't have large enough holes to fit on the candy, so another larger cereal (like maybe Fruit Loops or Apple Jacks) may be a better bet in the future (although they would definitely add to the sweet factor whereas the Cheerios tone down the candy). In any case, we made a cute necklace.

Trip tried stringing some cereal and liked the necklace that I made for him. He was genuinely excited to wear it.

And then quite happy to eat it as well!

Have you ever made edible necklaces? If so, what materials have you used?

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  1. This looks fun, and easy! Thanks Aimee. I think we'll give that one a try this weekend.