Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Q Week

It's been a busy few weeks, so we've been taking it easy with our letters. We've had a little fun with the letter Q where we can fit it in. Not much of it is blog-worthy, but it's fun to incorporate our letter into our normal activities.

Trip enjoyed this queen lunch.

He liked his lunch of quesadilla quarters and spontaneously started putting a grape in the middle of each one.

We had lots of fun using dish soap on a q-tip to make art in milk.

One afternoon after I picked Trip up from his babysitter's house, we made a special trip to a local restaurant called Burger Queen for some ice cream. Trip did not complain about this extra stop on the way home!

With all of our running around, we have practiced being quick but have also had some nice times to snuggle and be quiet. We have even enjoyed a couple of walks around our little town to see the hundreds of quails that wander our streets. They are fascinating creatures to watch.

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  1. LOVE the Queen lunch! And who doesn't like a quick stop at Burger Queen! :)