Friday, February 10, 2012

V Week- Volcanoes!

Volcanoes were a new concept for Trip, but after these two activities, he's a fan.

We started by making a volcano. I put a glass bottle in a 8"x8" pan,

then surrounded it with the gingerbread playdough we made before Christmas. It was getting toward the end of its shelf life, so I didn't feel too bad ruining it. 

I added a cookie cutter V, put some baking soda in the volcano, and poured vinegar and red food coloring into another bottle.

Then, Trip got to pour the vinegar in his volcano and watch it erupt.

He was thrilled with the result and we had to do this process over and over. He even thanked me several times for letting him do it! I'd say that is a successful activity!

Later that afternoon, he also got to enjoy a volcano snack. In preparation for V week, I came across this volcano snack idea and liked it. The original uses a base of chocolate pudding, but I've been making this delicious coconut milk and cocoa powder mousse lately, so I used it instead. I inverted an ice cream cone onto the mousse and added some chocolate chips for rocks. Then, I poured some homemade strawberry jam over the cone to make the lava.

Trip was excited about his snack, but started eating cautiously.

By the end, however, there was nothing cautious about him and he was proud to show off his mess!

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  1. What a fun (and sticky looking!) volcano dessert! The funny thing is, I had just saved that mousse recipe myself! Glad to hear it's a good one :)