Monday, August 27, 2012

Transportation Cookie Painting

I recently watched an episode of The Pioneer Woman cooking show on Food Network. She was making some super cute hand cookies with her daughter and her daughter's friends. They rolled out sugar cookie dough, traced their hands with a butter knife and then decorated the cookies with a colored egg glaze. I hadn't thought of painting sugar cookies before baking them but had a feeling that Trip would enjoy trying it. He got some transportation cookie cutters for his birthday (thanks Aunt T!), so it was time to put them to work.

I made the dough, refrigerated it, rolled it out, and cut out some shapes. I decided to put them on parchment paper since I wasn't sure how much of a mess Trip would make with the egg glaze.

The egg glaze is simply egg yolks, water, and food coloring.

I didn't have any paintbrushes that I knew were food safe, so we used q-tips. They were not the best, but they worked in a pinch.

Trip enjoyed choosing colors and decorating his cookies.

He also liked using the q-tip to poke holes in the dough.

Once he was done painting, I let him add some sprinkles. After that, he didn't want to paint anymore, he just wanted to use the sprinkles.

They turned out pretty cute and tasted great too. Next time, I will probably make the icing too to add a little more sweetness, but no one complained about the cookies being plain.

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