Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Transportation Bath

We do fun baths of a fairly regular basis, but Jessie from Play Create Explore has been inspiring me to take special baths to a new level. She has been creating a bath experience for her son each week. She has some fantastic ideas that you should check out here.

Since we're in the middle of our transportation unit, I figured I'd go with that theme and make a fun bath for Trip. I used bath crayons to make a road and some trees on the tub walls. I also wrote some words so that we could practice recognizing letters. I put about three drops of blue food coloring in the water to make it extra special. (By the way, so little food coloring didn't color the tub at all.) While I worked on that, Trip was very eagerly collecting cars, trucks, and planes to take in the bath.

Once Trip got in the bath, we parked the cars, then he plopped each one back in the water.

He enjoyed making the cars dive off the other side too.

Then, it was time to make them drive on the road and dive in the water.

Our first themed bath experience was definitely a success and I look forward to coming up with more fun baths in the future as well as trying some of Jessie's ideas.

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