Friday, August 17, 2012

Stoplight Game and Craft

Although we don't have a stoplight in our town and the nearest one is at least 60 miles away, Trip is quite fond of them and likes to tell us when to stop and when to go.

I saw a cute stoplight beanbag toss on I Can Teach My Child and decided to come up with one of my own. I cut out circles of the appropriate colors and glued them on two pieces of black paper. The yellow circle is half on one paper and half on the other. I then laminated them and taped them together. I also got out some of the beanbags that I had made during B week last fall.

Trip had fun tossing the beanbags, but also really enjoyed just running and jumping over the stoplight. That kept him busy for quite a while as Lightning McQueen looked on.

After all that jumping, it was time for a rest.

Trip was quite happy when he saw the snack that went with our stoplight fun. I used half of a hotdog bun, some Nutella, and three peanut M&Ms.

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