Friday, August 24, 2012

Artistic Transporttion Bath

I purchased some vehicle-shaped sponges at the dollar store for our transportation theme and had no idea how much Trip would like them. When we first got them out, he carried them around and played with them. Then, they made a nice addition to our sensory tub and they have also been fun in the bathtub. I thought Trip might enjoy using them to make prints on the tub walls, so I mixed up some bath paint of shaving cream and washable finger paints.

I showed him how to dip the sponge in the paint and stick it on the wall. He got right to work but really disliked having to wring out the sponge before sticking it in the paint.

Soon, the tub wall was filled with lots of colors and vehicle shapes.

We made some shaving cream clouds for the helicopter and airplane (which I cut out of a foam sheet).

Trip had a great time with this bath! When he was done painting, we started taking handfuls of the colored shaving cream and playing with it. We shook hands with it, enjoyed its silky texture, put globs of it on the tub wall, and made a big mess that easily washed down the drain when we were done.

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  1. That shaving cream paint looks like it would really be fun to use :)