Tuesday, January 10, 2012

W Week- Hit the W

Trip loves throwing footballs, so I wrote a W on several sticky notes and put them on the wall. He then got to see if he could hit the Ws with the football.

He was thrilled with this simple game and got his University of Washington football in on the action.

After throwing the football for a while, he dumped out the contents of his little wagon and found the darts for his new Nerf gun.

That gave him the idea to shoot the Ws. He had a blast shooting the Ws at point blank range,

then tried it sitting down,

and finally he ended up shooting from the couch!

This game will have to be included in our activities for other letters in the weeks to come. As Trip gets a little older, the same game will be fun with a mix of letters. He would then need to find the correct letter to hit. Later on, this could be a fun way for him to practice spelling his name. The sticky notes could have the letters T, R, I, and P, as well as a few others. The goal would be for him to shoot/throw at the T, then the R, and so forth.

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  1. That's a fun idea! I especially love the "when he's older" options - very creative!