Friday, January 13, 2012

W Week- Fun with Food

We had a couple of fun treats during W week.

We indulged in the oldie but goodie dirt cups with gummy worms, which were a fun dessert for the whole family. Who doesn't like chocolate pudding and crushed Oreos?

We also had a lunch of wheel-shaped pasta with homemade cheese sauce and veggies. Trip was excited to get to help make this lunch. He got to pour the noodles into the water.

We then (somewhat) patiently waited and very carefully watched the noodles cook.

Meanwhile, I whipped up a quick cheese sauce (a roux of butter and flour, then some milk, garlic salt, and grated Pecorino Romano cheese). We added some frozen veggies to the boiling water a couple of minutes before the pasta was done. Once the wheels, peas, and carrots were drained, we mixed them with the sauce and lunch was served. 

We also had waffles several times since they are a favorite around here. I used my go-to recipe, Alton Brown's Basic Waffles. They are so easy and tasty that I make at least every other week.

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  1. What a good helper you have! Love the picture of him waiting for the pasta to cook :)