Thursday, January 5, 2012

G Week- Glowstick Bath

I had seen the idea of putting glowsticks in the bathtub several months ago on Pinterest and have been eagerly waiting for G week to give it a try. In preparation, I found a tube of fifteen glow bracelets for a dollar at both Michael's and Target.

The first attempt was a total flop. Trip was okay playing with a couple of glowsticks, but did not want the light off. The second time, I had the glowsticks in the bath and the lights off before Trip even set foot in the bathroom. This time, he was so excited to get in the tub that he almost jumped in before he was completely undressed. Once he was in the water, he even wanted me to close the door to keep out the extra light.

He had a great time gathering up the sticks, waving them around, throwing them, and talking about the colors.

Once bath time was over, we took the glowsticks to Trip's dark room and played for at least another half an hour. He discovered that he could throw them in the air and watch them scatter. He also realized that the handful of them made a good flashlight to find toys. Finally, he started pushing them under his door so that Daddy could see them in the living room.

This is definitely an activity that we will have to repeat. It kept us busy and entertained for well over an hour. I think kids of any age would love to be surprised with a glowing bath!

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  1. What a fun bath time! Glow sticks are fun at any age I guess!