Friday, January 6, 2012

G Week- Guitar Lunch

One of the highlights of G week was definitely the guitar I made for lunch one day.

I started by using a glass to cut a circle out of a piece of bread. I then used a slightly smaller glass to cut out a crescent from the rest of the bread.

After cutting out a rectangle, I fit in half of a hot dog with the ends trimmed.

A piece of pepperoni made a nice "hole." 

A few raisins and noodles finished it off nicely.

Trip was quite excited about this lunch and was disappointed when there wasn't another guitar for him the next day. He briefly pretended to play the instrument,

then gobbled up the noodles and hot dog.


  1. LOVE the guitar lunch! And how cute that he wanted to play it :)

  2. This is great! Cooper will LOVE it! I'll have to get back in the swing of letters and do this ASAP. Thanks sis!