Monday, July 9, 2012

Swimming Fun

The first two weeks of our summer were filled with lots of swimming fun. The first week, Trip and several of his friends took swimming lessons at the pool. The next week, we got to spend a day at the water park. Mixed in with all that fun, we enjoyed some swimming-themed activities at home too.

We had lots of fun creating ocean scenes to "swim" in during our great sidewalk chalk play date.

We enjoyed some homemade mac 'n cheese with hotdog octopuses.

We made a fun treat for Trip's swim teacher.

Trip loved this lunch of tomato fish.

But the highlight for Trip was definitely the ocean-themed water table. He played in it almost daily.

Check back all week to see more about these activities!


  1. Playing with him in his water table was a highlight for me too ;)

  2. Aimee, I have so many great-grandchildren who would love to adapt your projects according to their age group. Love your blog!