Monday, July 30, 2012

Bunny Sandwiches

Growing up, my sister and I loved it when we got to make bunny sandwiches. Making them is one of those childhood memories that has stuck with both of us. It was a fun lunch for anytime, but was especially great when we had friends over.

Mom would cut circles out of bread, put out some spreads, and make a tray of toppings. We each got two bread circles, one for the face, and one that we cut in half to make the ears. We would then spread our bunny with cream cheese or peanut butter. Next, we got to choose from carrots, raisins, sprouts, bananas, sunflower seeds, and whatever else Mom put out to make our bunny's face.

I knew I had this picture somewhere, and searched high and low for it. I finally found it in the second grade pouch of my "School Years" memory book. My friend Celine and I are showing off our bunny sandwich creations. Just seeing this picture made me smile for hours.

Fast forward a couple of decades, and I figured it was time for Trip to have a bunny sandwich. I had hoped to make bunny sandwiches when Trip had some friends visiting, but it didn't work out, so we'll have to save it for another time. Trip was plenty happy with this bunny, though.

I only got one photo of it before this little boy couldn't wait any longer to eat his lunch.

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  1. How fun! I hadn't thought about bunny sandwiches for a while! I do always think about candy necklaces though, yum... :D