Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Z Week- Zoo Sensory Tub

There are many great zoo sensory tubs out there in the blogosphere, giving me the idea to make one for Trip. My mom found us a set of alphabet animals at a yard sale last year which has been perfect for many letter of the week activities, but especially this one. I used a few containers from around the house to make cages and reused some materials from other sensory tubs to fill them.

Some cut-up tissue paper made good grass.

The materials from our nest of numbers a few weeks ago came in handy again as did the plastic fences from Trip's farm set.

Some batting and decorative glass beads made nice snow and icy water.

Our beans from B week made a good home for the hippo and also double as food when Trip wants to feed the animals.

Trip has had a great time feeding the animals, making them stand on the edges of the tub, and having them play football.


  1. The alphabet animals are adorable... I know you said your mom got them at a yard sale, but do they have anything on them brand name wise. I would love to look/find some to buy for our house.

    1. The set is from Fisher Price and looks like it's called "Little People A to Z Learning Zoo." I found it on the Fisher Price site. ( It looks like there is a learning mat that comes with this set but maybe the animals would be available by themselves somewhere else. I hope you can find some! We really have enjoyed ours, even with a few missing.

  2. So cute! I love all of the different "habitats" you created - so well done! I bet he really loves this one :)