Thursday, August 25, 2011

T Week- Which Animals Have Tails?

A fun activity and a little lesson in sharing too.

Trip has many stuffed monkeys, but one in particular has become his favorite. It is a must-have at nap and bed times. He likes to hold its tail under his nose for comfort.

This gave me an idea. Let's look at the other stuffed animals in his room and see which ones have tails and which ones don't. Since the majority of his stuffed animals are monkeys, most of them did have tails, but it was a fun activity nonetheless and he was pretty good at identifying the tails.

He loved having his monkeys in his crib and kept repeating "All monkeys!"

This activity would be fun to do with any stuffed or plastic animals. It would also be a great thing to do at the zoo or while looking at animal books.

Trip is only allowed to have his pacifier when it's time to sleep so it stays in his crib. He discovered it while we were playing this game. I asked him if he could share it with his stuffed animals and he was happy to oblige.

A mommy never complains about some impromptu sharing!

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