Tuesday, August 23, 2011

T Week- Hide and Seek Bowl

Our very first activity of the week was a T-themed hide and seek bowl. Trip enjoyed it so much that we got it out at least once each day. I first saw the idea here and knew it would be a great game for us. It's so simple, but has something so intriguing about it for little ones.

I got my bowl of T items that I had collected (read more about that here),

and dumped in a bag of alphabet pasta to cover the treasures. Voila! A hide and seek bowl! Use any kind of pasta, dried beans, popcorn kernels, shredded paper, or anything similar that you have on hand. I will probably switch out the alphabet pasta for something else every few weeks to change things up.

Although it's nice to have most of the items hidden, it's fine if a few things peek out. It will just make your child more eager to dig in and uncover what's inside. I placed the container on a towel to contain any spills but told Trip that the pasta had to stay in the bowl. He did a great job keeping things on the towel all week and wanted the towel on the floor each time we got out the tub.

The highlight of the tub for him was the toothbrush and toothpaste.

He had to brush his teeth (or mostly eat the toothpaste) each time we played the game and later started asking for "straber" (strawberry) before he had even uncovered anything.

The hide and seek bowl was such a success that we will definitely be repeating it for other letters.

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