Friday, August 26, 2011

T Week- Thomas and Friends

Since Thomas is one of Trip's favorite characters, I knew T week had to include some Thomas activities. Other than watching his two Thomas DVDs, we used Thomas in three other ways too.

Each week we're making a paper letter to hang on Trip's bedroom door or in his room. I figured that Thomas would be perfect to cover our T. Since I didn't have any Thomas stickers, I printed a bunch of the same image of Thomas and cut them out. I then put some double-sided tape on the back of each one. Trip stuck some of them on and was done, so I ended up finishing it myself at the end of the week. It now hangs on his door and he likes to touch it each day.

I thought it would be fun to make some sort of matching game as well. I found images of Thomas and his friends online and made some cards to print. Once the cards were printed and cut, I laminated them to make them more durable. Eventually they can also be used as a memory/concentration type game, but for now I just ask Trip if he can find Gordon, for example, and then tell him that we need to find two Gordons. After a couple of times playing the game, he caught on quickly and would find both cards right away.

You can download a PDF of my matching cards for your own personal use here.

I had also seen a Thomas Tot Book on 1+1+1=1 that I liked, so I decided to make one of my own. I used the free downloads of "How Many?" and "Shapes with Thomas" and then created my own "Colored Trains" book with a coloring sheet I found here.

I used a Thomas coloring sheet from the official Thomas web site for the cover.

The whole thing fits nicely in a gallon zip-top bag to store it safely and transport it easily.

This will be a good book to bring with us if we have to wait somewhere for an appointment and will be a good reminder of things we did during T week.

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