Wednesday, August 24, 2011

T Week- Food

My silly boy just wanted to tilt his head back, laugh, and be silly while I was trying to get a picture of him enjoying some of his T foods.

Thinking of foods that start with our letter of the week helps add variety to our meals and makes shopping fun too. I didn't have a T food at each meal, but tried to at least have something at lunch.

We went to the store early in the week and bought a container of grape tomatoes, which thrilled Trip to no end. He LOVES tomatoes in most any form and the little ones are his favorite. He kept getting them out of the fridge and asking to eat some.

We also enjoyed tortellini and veggies in a homemade cheese sauce. Just melt a tablespoon or two of butter in a pan, then add an equal amount of flour to make a roux. Once the roux has cooked a little, add in one to two cups of milk. The sauce will thicken and then add some cheese of your choice (I used Parmesan and mozzarella). When the cheese is melted, season with salt and/or pepper to taste. I tossed in some cooked tortellini and veggies, and our super simple but delicious meal was ready.

Tortillas, turkey, and teriyaki chicken were also on our menu. I had plans of making pancake Ts and cutting Ts out of tortillas, but didn't make it happen, so we'll save those for another letter.

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