Saturday, May 5, 2012


As you have probably gathered, life around here had been extra busy lately and I have chosen to let blogging be one of the first things to go. I substitute teach and this spring has brought a lot of work. I'm very thankful for the consistent work lately and for the opportunity to make some extra money to help us out during the summer when I don't work and therefore don't get paid either. We are blessed to have a great babysitter and Trip loves going to her house to play with his friends. We've been working on our last letter, the letter Y, little by little so I will share our activities in the future.

Something exciting that has happened in the last few weeks is that Daddy bought us five chicks. I have been wanting to have chickens for a long time so that we can have fresh eggs. Daddy hasn't been so thrilled about the idea, but wanted to make it happen for me. One day, he came home with a small box of cute little black chicks to surprise Trip and me. Trip has been loving them since day one. He likes to help take care of them and wants to pet and try to hold them.

He has loved pouring food into their tray, filling their water bottle, and putting clean wood shavings into their box.

It's been fun to watch the chicks change and grow over the last few weeks. They are getting more feathers quickly and have grown quite a bit. A friend of ours graciously offered us a small chicken coop that he isn't using, so once they are fully feathered, our little chickens will have a nice home in the backyard.

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