Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Turkeys

We came across some free gourds last week and I've been thinking of some ideas of how we can use them. I've been trying help Trip think of things that he's thankful for, so a thankful turkey sounded like a good idea. I made my turkey during nap time so that Trip could see what his would look like. I also got his feathers, beak, wattle, and feet cut out.

As he ate a snack, I wrote down the things he told me he was thankful for. It took a little effort, but he came up with five things that could go on his turkey. A few things, like not being afraid of gorillas, didn't make the list. :) He also wanted to put himself on one of the feathers and told me to spell it "T-R-P," which is how he is sure his name and every other word is spelled. :) Food, Jesus, Heaven, Daddy, and toys made the list. Daddy suggested that Mommy should be on the feather with Daddy, but Trip wouldn't have it! :) Good thing I know he loves me anyway!

Once Trip looked through our collection of gourds and chose a green one, I attached the feathers to it with straight pins, although I'm sure glue would have worked just as well. I figured that the pins would have a little more give and let the feathers be more flexible.

Trip was eager to get the eyes glued on his turkey and wanted big googly eyes placed right at the top. He was also very excited about the turkey's feet.

Once his turkey was done, he carried it around with him for the rest of the evening, showing it around the house and introducing it to everyone as they came home.

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  1. What a great idea! And to think I just put mine in a bowl with no feathers or eyes or anything ... Love that the turkey was introduced to everyone!