Friday, November 9, 2012

Our Halloween

So, I have some catching up to do in the blogging department. For now, here are some pictures of our Halloween fun.

Trip enjoyed an orange and black lunch of some of his favorite things- nachos, olives, carrots, and mandarin oranges.

After his nap, there was a special treat waiting for him.

A little later that afternoon, he got to have a Halloween bath. I painted the walls with washable finger paints

 and added some orange spaghetti and googly eyes to the water.

Trip was excited to see his bath, but didn't want to get in. He had been sick the previous weekend and we had to give him a lukewarm bath to bring down his fever. That really ruined baths for him! 

Once he finally got in, he explored the noodles with his feet.

Then, he started putting them all over his body.

After bathtime, we got on our costumes and headed to church for a party. My only "costume" was some googly eyes on my nails.

Trip was a puppy thanks to some friends who passed down this cute costume.

We hosted a trick or treat pit stop at our church where families could come warm up for a few minutes and let the kids play some games. Trip enjoyed the magnetic rocket toss.

We had a ducky matching game in Trip's water table. Kids also got to reach in a container of water beads to find a hidden prize, which they loved. The balloon pop game was lots of fun too. We put prizes in balloons and blew them up. We then tacked them on a sheet of plywood and each child got to choose a balloon to pop. As soon as they popped it, their prize fell out. The cupcake walk was a highlight for many kids and parents as well.


  1. That puppy costume is adorable, and so is the boy wearing it! Love the spaghetti monster in the bath, good idea!

  2. Oh Aimee... I could never get Lucas in a bathtub full of noodles! He would freak! Trip is so cute in his pup outfit, by the way.