Thursday, October 4, 2012

Hammering Baked Cotton Balls

I've been excited to try making the baked cotton balls that I saw at Play Create Explore. I used whole wheat flour in hopes that our baked cotton balls would look like rocks. I put a cup of flour and just over a cup of water in a bowl and let Trip mix it up.

At first, he was excited to help me coat the cotton balls, but his fingers soon got messy, 

which lead to this...

He continued to plop the cotton balls in the flour mixture while I did the dirty jobs of making sure they got coated and putting them on the cookie sheet.

Once the cookie sheet was full, it was time to bake our "rocks." They stayed in the oven at 300* for about 45 minutes.

Our cotton ball rocks turned out great. Next time I would coat them a little less so that there wasn't as much of a "puddle" at the bottom. They served their purpose, though so it was just fine.

Trip grabbed his hard hat that Noni found for him and his new hammer from Bapa and we headed outside.

He had a good time pounding on the "rocks."

 He also enjoyed exploring what was inside them.

After some hammering, we decided to try some stomping. That was lots of fun too, but a little hard on the feet. :)

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  1. Well, everyone knows you need a hardhat when you're doing big jobs! Looks like fun!