Monday, October 1, 2012

Construction Sensory Tub

Our latest thematic unit is about tools and construction. Our very first activity was to explore the new sensory tub I put together.

I used the rice that we had for our transportation tub as the base and added a variety of materials I had on hand. 

I made a pile of decorative rocks and cut up some paper tubes I had saved from glow sticks.

I also wadded up some packing paper that came in a box we recently got from Amazon. Finally, I added the few construction vehicles, props, and "guys" that Trip has.

He was pretty excited when I took the lid off this tub. 

He put one of the guys right to work driving the truck 

and checking out the building.

The next time that we played with the tub, Trip discovered the wonders of the empty Barrel of Monkeys.

He filled it up with rice and enjoyed pouring the rice out into the dump truck.

He was also very interested in the paper boulders. He liked opening them and then crumpling them back up. 

A little while later, he was all the way in the tub, exploring it to its fullest.

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  1. Wow! This is really a great tub! I love all of the little parts to it :)