Monday, September 17, 2012

Polka Dot Bath

After several fun baths while Trip's cousin Cooper was here, Trip asks what kind of bath he's having each time I tell him it's time for one. Most of our baths are still regular ones, but I try to have a fun bath for him about once a week. We had a tub of water beads that we had played with quite a few times, so I though we'd try putting them in the bath. I painted some circles on the tub walls with a mixture of shaving cream and washable finger paint and floated some balls in the water.

Trip was very excited to explore this new bath experience. I gave him a small strainer. He enjoyed catching the balls

and collecting water beads.

Then, he started doing something very uncanny, and actually wanted to pose for pictures, saying "polka dooooooots!" 

Then, it was back to playing until the water got too cold.

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  1. Wow, actually wanting to pose for pictures? Ha ha, how cute!