Monday, September 3, 2012

Kitchen Bath

Trip's cousin Cooper visited us for ten days. During that time, we had several special baths. The boys thoroughly enjoyed them. Each day, they asked what their bath would be that time.

Our first bath was kitchen-themed. I drew some appliances and a window on the tub walls with bath crayons.

A stool made a nice table in the middle of the tub. I got out some play dishes and we were just about ready.

I put some shaving cream and a little washable finger paint in the bowls and some colored water in the teapots as the finishing touch.

 They got right to playing as soon as their feet hit the water.

They had lots of fun with the shaving cream and colored water.

Mid-way through the bath, the boys were trying to eat the plastic food, so I got them some baby carrots to snack on.

Check back this week to see our other fun baths!

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  1. I love your themed baths, they're always so creative and fun! :)