Monday, June 18, 2012

Waterbead Fun

I recently found myself at the craft store with a 60% off and a 50% off coupon. The other things I was getting were already on sale, so I decided to get Trip a couple of packages of multicolored water beads. He loves playing with them and we hadn't had any in a while, so it was high time. I hydrated both packages and put them in his water table. He was thrilled.

He loved transferring the "jellies" as he calls them from the container we hydrated them in to the water table.

Pretty soon, he discovered that it was super fun to pour the jellies down the slide.

This kept him occupied for quite some time.

When we were done playing, we covered the water table with a heavy duty trash bag, which worked well to keep the water beads clean. We played with them almost every day, using different cups and scoops. Since they are biodegradable, we also had fun throwing some of them in the yard. I had intended to add some letters too, but after about a week, the water beads started to get what I think were little mold spots on them, so we stopped playing with them. They sure were fun while they lasted!

If you haven't tried water beads yet, get some soon! You can also check out the other things we've done with water beads, such as our letter D sensory tub, Halloween sensory tub, and monster sensory tub.

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  1. What a fun use for the water table! I'm glad you got a week's worth of fun out of them. Trip looks so cute and happy in those pictures :)